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How to open your Quantfury account and start trading

The Quantfury app we love it because it allows you to trade in a lot of markets without complicated opening processes and allowing you to have all your operations controlled at any time from your mobile phone. Below we explain the basic steps to open your account and be able to start trading with this platform.

The first step, as it could not be otherwise, is to download the app from your phone’s store, either Android or iPhone. After entering the necessary data to create your account you will reach the deposit screen. It should be specified that Quantfury only supports deposits in cryptocurrencies and accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and several more; although we recommend depositing in Tether (USDT), as being a stable cryptocurrency (its value is always $1) your balances will not be influenced by Bitcoin fluctuations while trading as it will be as if you have deposited dollars.

Buying Tether (USDT) is very simple and secure using any common cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance.

**Be sure to select Tether Omni in both Quantfury and Binance when transferring funds. **


On the next screen you will have to select a trading power level (Trading Power) with which you want to trade. Below you will be told the minimum amount needed to have such a balance.

We recommend starting with little capital until you master how the app works. It’s very simple to use but it’s always worth starting small and learning to manage leverage with small trades that you can easily control.

In addition, at RicaMarkets we have developed our own leveraged trading strategy, special for Quantfury, based on levels. It is very effective and easy to follow. We leave the link here.


After selecting your trading power the next thing you will see will be the address to which you must send your funds. As you’ll see the transfer is activated for a limited time, so you’ll need to have it all ready in Binance, or where you’re going to send the capital from, before you get to this step.

Once your funds reach your Quantfury wallet, you’ll be ready to start trading.

From the main screen you can search for assets to trade, create watchlists and check the status of your open trades or pending orders.

To start trading simply press the magnifying glass button and search for the asset in question. Quantfury offers major cryptocurrency pairs such as BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT or XMR/USDT; the most important raw materials such as gold, silver, oil, etc.; almost 500 shares of companies around the world and most currency pairs.


Once here you will see two icons with a clock on the sides of the asset price. A bear (bearish) for short operations and a bullish for long operations. Tapping any of the icons will open a screen that will allow you to place a limit order on the market. Users of our premium groups of signals can leave a pre-configured order with the price we have announced to always enter the best level. It is also possible to enter directly with a market order using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, although it is best to always try to do so with limit orders to avoid price increases.


To set the limit order enter the price at which you want to open the trade, the amount of capital to invest and the stop-loss and profit take price. We do not usually use the latter as it is better to go up the stop-loss rather than limit your possible profits to a specific price.


After this you will see the order waiting, on the main screen, until the price reaches your level and the trade opens.

Once you reach this step, you only have to wait for the operation to develop in our favor and follow to the letter the capital management and strategy tips that we share in this article.

We hope you enjoy trading with Quantfury as much as we do for your daily or long-term trading and see your balance grow quickly.

Remember that you can consult any questions you have through our Telegram support chat by clicking here.

DISCLAIMER: Quantfury does not offer referral links or commissions of any kind for recommending users. RicaMarkets does not benefit at all from trading with this app. We simply share it because we find it a great tool and the best way to follow all the trading signals of our premium groups.

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