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How to read our trading alerts

Our trading system is very easy to learn. Follow the explanations below and in 5 minutes you will be operating with us.

Please do not start trading with our alerts until you are sure to fully understand its format. In any case remember that it is your responsibility to follow the recommendations we send.

Whenever we send alerts through any of our channels, we do so in the same format. It’s very easy to read:

📈BUY: ‘XXX’. This parameter indicates the instrument on which we are going to operate and the direction. That is, if we are going to buy (long) or sell (short). ‘XXX’ shall indicate the acronym, or ticker, of the instrument to be traded. In the case of cryptocurrencies it will always be indicated against which pair is traded, so they will appear in this format: XXX/USD, or XXX/BTC in the event that we are going to trade a currency in its exchange against Bitcoin, instead of against USD. It is extremely important to be clear about these two concepts and pay close attention to this first parameter.

**📉SHORT: ‘XXX’. This is the variant we use when sending alerts for sale. Note that in addition to the name, the icon graph changes from bullish to bearish.**

🏦Market: ‘XXX’. In the case of stock alerts, this parameter indicates the stock exchange to which it belongs.

💵Price: ##,#. This parameter indicates the exact range or price of entry into the trade. Depending on the type of trade, in some cases range will be indicated and in others not. Remember that if you see the alert late and you have missed the rank, YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE THE OPERATION. It is better to let that trade pass before risking entering out of time. We’ll talk later about timing in trading operations.

**In the case of cryptocurrencies traded on your peer against Bitcoin, sometimes the amounts will be indicated as sat. Sat stands for Satoshis and is the minimum fraction in which Bitcoin is divided. If not indicated, such signals would look like this: 0.00000001BTC. So it’s more convenient to point it as 1 sat.**

🛑Stop-loss: ##,#. The stop-loss, as its name suggests, is where we stop losing in case the market goes against us. Not respecting it, or not using it, is the worst mistake you can make in trading. Remember that the important thing is to limit your losses to a minimum and maximize your profits.

Time: XX hours/days/weeks. Indicates how long, according to our analysis, we will remain within the operation. Anyway, this can change at any time as the market is unpredictable at 100%. So keep an eye out for groups in case an early closure or any changes are reported at any time.

🎯Objective: ##,#. This parameter will not always appear, but in which if you see it, it will be the price at which you should collect profits.

💰Capital: X%. The maximum recommended amount to invest in the trade. Respecting this parameter is key for your investment portfolio to always enjoy good financial health. We’ll also talk later about capital management.

Remember also, that to follow the effectiveness of our alerts you only have to look at this simple color code that we publish at the close of each operation:

🟢 Trade closed with profits
🟠 Trade closed in Break-even
🔴 Trade closed with losses

Finally here you have an example screenshot with one of our signals so that you get acquainted with them. Remember that for any doubt you can write to us via telegram using this link.

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